Sunday, 28 February 2016

Some indispensable CLIL resources!

Good afternoon, teachers!

Regarding my previous post (Bank of common knowledge), in which I talked about our Master´s Pinterest board Open CLIL, I would like to tell you about my new mission. 

For this task, I had to choose one tool in order to curate and organise useful contents related to education. After having a look at Listly and Symbaloo, I decided to create a new board in Pinterest to carry out this task. Although Symbaloo seems very atractive and inntuitive tool, I took this decision because I prefer having collected all the resources that I find interesting in the same tool. Moreover I love Pinterest because of its boards to collect contents and the variety of resources of any topic you want to look for. It is also very inntuitive and easy to use.

Having explained that, I  would like to introduce you my own Pinterest board: CLIL indispensable resources. Here I have chosen and organised some of the resources my classmates posted in our Open CLIL board. I have chosen the ones that I consider more full of materials and activities to use in my future teaching experience. Have a look if you like! :)


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