Sunday, 21 February 2016

My 3,2,1 Introduction!

Hello everybody!
To create my 3,2,1 Introduction I have used the tool called Pixton. After investigating other online tools such as  Domo Animate and Animoto, I decided to use Pixton because of its simplicity. Besides, I found funny the idea of making a comic about myself.
As I said, this tool is useful to create comics. First, you can create your own character, which can be similar to you because you can personalise the hair style, the colours, the accesories, the clothes, etc. Then, you can select the novice way or the advanced way. I chose the  the novice way, in which you can choose different designs for the clothes, the backgrounds, the landscapes, add different objects to the scenes, change their colours, add some text, change your character´s position, gestures, etc. You can create your own comic full of details and incredibly colourful, and for free! I only had some troubles when saving the comic because I didn´t realise that you have to save what you do in each scene and not just at the end of the whole process.
If I could change something about this web tool it would be the posibility to create an animated video (as Laura also  said) or to make a GIF of each scene of the comic. This option would make this tool even more attractive to children.
Finally, what I´ve most enjoyed of this tool is that is easy to use, intuitive and with a lot of options to personalise your own comic. In my opinion, this online website tool is suitable for fifth and sixth graders. It could be used in Arts and Craft, to recreate historical events in comic style for Social Science or tales and stories in English class and Spanish Language. Therefore, it has a lot of possibilities in the CLIL classroom and I recommend you to use it if you like.
Here is the link to my introduction: Celia´s 3,2,1 Introduction

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