Sunday, 24 April 2016

My rubric to evaluate an e-project

Hello everybody!

1. Creating my own rubric.

As you can read in my previous posts (The Earth's adventures InfoEdugraphicOur videochallenge with Tic and Piktochart slideshow), lately, I have been part of the development of a group e-project. 

Today, I present you the last task related to my e-project, which consits of creating a rubric to evaluate all the different aspects connected with it. It is important to be able to assess one's own projects and artifacts as well as being able to assess others'. Assessment plays an essential role in the learning process because it helps to improve one's self knowledge and learn from the mistakes. 

In order to accomplish this challenge, I explored several options to create a rubric and, in the end, I chose Quick Rubric because it is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The template is neat and clear so you just have to give it a tittle, a description, set up a score rating of your choice, write the criteria/topic and fill each gap. Once you have completed the rubric, you click on the save button. You can find a quick tutorial for using this tool in my peer's blog: Laura's blackboard.

Apart from being a easy tool to use, it has the advantage of allowing you to edit your work whenever you want, due to the fact that it is an online tool. However, as I have commented with my peers, the great disadvantage of Quick Rubric is that it does not allow you to share your results in any social network and it does not generate and embedded code either. 

Because of these reasons, I leave you my rubric in this post in JPEG format, so you can see it easily. Anyway, you can also find my rubric here.

I encourage you to evaluate my e-project using this rubric and let me know if you find any way of improving it!

2. Evaluating an e-project with my rubric.

Once I finished my rubric, my teacher @mjgsm suggested me putting it into practice. This is why I decided to assess one of my peers' e-project. I chose the one created by @LauraGonGar5@rpeinadog@Salvador1987lop@Anafuertecan and @nievesyan317. You can fin their amazing History e-project in Laura's blackboard's blog.

Now, I will start to explain the score they get and why:
  • Quality content: score 2. I think that the contents are coherent since the three activities are directly connected with History. However, it would be more complete if the e-project was linked to a concrete history topic, in order to work a specific content of the curriculum. 
  • Multimedia artifacts: score 3. I believe that my partners have created engaging artifact taking advantage of each tool's possibilities to the maximun. Moreover, the artifacts accomplish their objectives clearly.
  • Posts reflections: score 2. Although the posts are quite complete, I miss details related to the work group and the participants roles in the working process.
  • Citing and attributing content: score 3. The authors have attributed and cited all the materials and information extracted from another source correctly.
  • Instruction compilance: score 3. They have posted all the information required and included the URLs of the outcomes.
  • E-portfolio: score 3. I find my peers' e-portfolio eye-catching and engaging. Besides, all the URLs provided are meaningful.
  • Dissemination: socre 3. All the participants have spread the e-project through the social netwoks using the appropiate hashtags. 

So, their final mark is: 19/21. I strongly believe that they have created a really good e-project and I will use it when I have the chance :)

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