Sunday, 13 March 2016


Good night everybody!

After evaluating the Minecraft Planet ebook, I thought that I could make my own e-project getting some inspiration from it. This is why I decided to create my ebook about landscapes (which is the topis I have taught to my pupils during my internship) and using also Minecraft as a learning tool.

Here I leave you the link to my outline e-project ''Landscaping'' in Google Docs: 

I used the template given by María Jesús in order to plan my ebook in detail. I hope you find it interesting :)

To follow with, I created my videoclip with Powtoon. I chose it because I was curious about it since I saw some awesome videos created by my peer for the 321Introduction. I wanted to learn how to use it and see its features and possibilities. I didn´t know that Powtoon can be used also to create presentations. I find it really easy and inntuitive to use. It has plenty designs and characters to use. I missed some options such as changing the clothes' colours of the characters, their positions, more facial expressions and backgrounds. However, I think that is a very suitable tool to use with primary students.

I didn´t want to create a long videoclip because I consider that is more attractive and engaging a short one directed to the pupils to catch their attention.

Hope you like it!

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